Project Description

Take Control offers one-to-one confidential sessions counselling support aimed at young people aged 16 to 25 in Pocklington and surrounding areas.

The owner, Marianne Lownsborough, is an integrative psychotherapist in advanced training and is a member of UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) and DBS cleared.

If you are seeking help yourself (or are a concerned parent), please get in touch.

Sessions take place at either Marianne’s home or therapy suit in Pocklington. Cost per sessions is £20 but this is negotiable where needed.

For Young People

Many of us wear masks, covering up how we feel inside. We numb out our feelings with social media, addictions, self harm; anything to ‘switch off’ and not feel.

Take Control gives you the opportunity to uncover hurts, fears and experiences which are in your unconsciousness affecting how you think about yourself, respond to others and to situations. We talk as well as using a range of creative methods.  Together we uncover the source of your fears, anxiety, depression, self-doubt as you find your hidden strengths, peace of mind and confidence for the future.

The sessions are confidential, with no hidden agenda, no criticism, judgement, it’s not about giving you instruction or direction, it’s about you taking control, learning to enjoy who you are, and to move forward with confidence.


Integrative psychotherapy uses the range of approaches to best suit the needs of the client. Relationally based we find connection with the client in a way that suits them so that together we can unravel the causes of depression, pain, anxiety, addiction, self-doubt and even self-loathing.

Families are so connected emotionally, with feelings so intertwined that it becomes impossible for young people to turn to their parents to help them find answers.  This is agony for parents who long for the best for their offspring, but instead of seeing them flourish, they see them self-destruct.

Marianne says: “I will not report back to parents anything of the sessions as this is not appropriate. However the sessions are reviewed every 6 weeks by the client and myself to see if they are working and if there is anything we should change.”