Loyalty Card Terms & Conditions

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The use of our Loyalty Card constitutes your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions, so please spend a couple of minutes to read through them.

  1. Becoming a Loyalty Card Member
    (a) The Loyalty Card System is open only to UK residents aged 18 and over, following completion and acceptance of an application form.

(b) To become a member of the scheme, you’ll need to submit a fully completed application form either online or via the Love Pocklington office
(c) Love Pocklington reserves the right to refuse any application, or cancel an individual membership at any time at our absolute discretion.
(d) If at any time your contact details change, it is your responsibility to advise Love Pocklington by emailing help@lovepocklington.co.uk
(e) Loyalty Cards are free (one per household in the YO42, Wilberfoss and Fangfoss area). A £10 charge plus VAT is applicable for additional cards and the ‘Visitors’ Card.*
*For participants who do not live in the YO42, Wilberfoss and Fangfoss area.

  1. The Loyalty Card
    (a) Your Card can be used at Love Pocklington partner businesses who choose to offer a discount on products or services.
    (b) Your Card is not a credit, debit or cheque guarantee card .
  2. Issuer’s Rights
    (a) The Card is issued by and remains the property of Love Pocklington ( The Soapy Group).
    (b) Loyalty reserves the right to withdraw the card at any time or refuse to replace the card.
    (c) You must surrender the card to Love Pocklington upon request.
    (d) If you do not use your card in any 12 month period, Love Pocklington reserves the right to cancel the card.
    (e) Love Pocklington reserves the right to cancel this scheme on the provision of 30 days notice to all members.
  3. Cancelling a Card or Reporting it Lost or Stolen
    (a) If your Card is lost or stolen, please obtain a replacement from Love Pocklington and ask us to transfer all your details across to that new member card number. If you should find your missing card at a later date then please ensure it is destroyed to avoid confusion. There may be a charge of up to £10.00 plus VAT for a replacement card at the company’s discretion.
  4. Data Protection
    Personal data supplied by an applicant or a Cardholder will be held and processed by Love Pocklington to operate your account; to confirm, update and enhance our customer records; for statistical analysis; and to establish any Cardholder’s identity.
    (b) Love Pocklington may use information about any applicant or Cardholder to send the applicant or Cardholder information about any promotions offered by any of the Love Pocklington Partner Businesses associated with the Love Pocklington scheme.
  5. General
    (a) These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by English Law and you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts to settle any dispute arising out of or in connection with them, the Card or the System.
    (b) Loyalty is operated and managed by Love Pocklington, registered The Little Man Limited trading as The Soapy Group is registered in England with Company Number 08093869 .
    (c) Love Pocklington reserves the right to vary these Terms & Conditions at any time without written notice to applicants, Members or Cardholders. This website will always contain the most recent and up to date version of these Terms & Conditions.
    (d) All correspondence regarding the loyalty scheme should be emailed to help@lovepocklington.co.uk